Saturday, May 28, 2016

Worry Free Pedi Review

*This item was provided for review purposes*
Worry Free Pedi - is a foot bath sanitation tablet. This is designed to be 99.99% effective against harmful bacteria and athlete’s foot fungus. This is a product that you can take with you to the nail salon and discretely place into your foot bath, to protect yourself.
The cost is $9.99 for a pack of 8 tablets. The tablets come in little packets, two to a packet and both sides are sealed. This is a great idea to use in the salons that do not use liners in the foot spas. Since the packet is so small it is easy to carry with you.
I decided to try this at home prior to using it at a nail salon. I wanted to know exactly how it worked, how long it took to dissolve, and how discreet it would be.
The Worry Free Pedi looks just like an alka seltzer tablet, and functions similarly. I ripped open one side only.  I did not rip into the other side, as you can see from the pics, but it did break the seal on the other side which was disappointing.
The tablet fizzed up, just like I thought it would. It ended up making a circle, and then began to spread around the water. My home foot spa has a vibration mode, which I believe sped up the process to distribute, and I also believe if I had a whirlpool option like the salons have, this would have both dissolved and spread out much faster. Regardless, it was about 45 seconds for the tablet to fully dissolve.
Worry Free Pedi was very easy to use. It will also be fairly unnoticeable in a salon. The one thing to note is when I was soaking my feet I could definitely smell a "bleach" like smell. This gives me peace of mind when using an unknown salon, because it makes me think of "clean", but it wasn't exactly pleasant. I would like to see this come with flavored fruit scents, such as citrus or lemon smells. I love the small packaging and how it dissolves so quickly.