Sunday, May 15, 2016

Macy's Clinique Bag Spring 2016 Review

Macy's was having a special where they included a  Clinique bag worth $70, if you met the $27 minimum purchase requirement. Which, frankly, just isn't' that hard to do. I managed to have my order equal $27 exactly. You even got your choice of two different bags/products.
Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in 11 black/brown eyeliner - $16.50. This was the first item I picked for purchase. I really liked the smudger on the end, so I am showing you a close up of it. This goes on smoothly and stays well.
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - $10.50. I've never had mascara designed specifically for bottom lashes, which is the primary reason I wanted to try it. It has a smaller wand, so it makes it a little easier, although seriously it's just not that hard to use a full size one. It's smudge-proof, which means if you do miss be sure to wipe it off quickly.  
There was an info card inside the bag to describe the items that were included. I thought this was a really nice touch and of course it reminded me of a sub box!
The bag inside the bag, LOL.
Cosmetics bag designed by Vera Neumann - I loved the Butterfly bag, I especially love the little lady bugs print on the inside of the bag, which is a Vera Neumann signature.
Mini Cosmetics Bag - This is a coin purse. it pairs nicely with the spring theme, but I would have really been impressed it if it matched the makeup bag. I found the perfect person to gift this to, so by the time I'm writing this review I no longer have it.

Clinique smart night custom repair moisturizer - $30. Full size is $59.50.This is a great night moisturizer. As the weather is changing, I'm finding I need more and more to keep my skin refreshed.
Clinique Colour Compact (All About Shadow Duo in Black-tied from Smoke & Mirrors Quad and Silver Lining / Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Cupid) -  Again, love the lady bug. I couldn't find this anywhere online, so I'm assuming it's specific to this bag, but I cannot get an estimated $$ value for it. This was also designed by Vera Neumann. I think it's cute.
Clinique High Impact Mascara Mini in Black - $8. Full size is $16.50, and I figure this is about half. I like trying new mascaras so I'll get some use out of this.  
Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion - $8.65. Full size is $14.50. I personally cannot tell what is so different about this moisturizer. It is recommended to use the gel version if your skin is oilier. This is designed for the face, but works just as well on hands.
Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Matte Suede - $8. I am estimating the value on this as well. Full size is $17. K has really been into the nude lip colors, I haven't quite gotten there yet, but I do really like this shade for summer.
Macy's included a sampler bag, as they do with all makeup orders. It's mostly fragrance, which is a complete waste on me. I do not like perfume and never will. I do see a Strivectin sample in there, which is a favorite brand, so although I'm not sure what the item is I do know I'll use it.
Full look of the bag. I think this was a really nice curation. I sure love the Vera Neumann designs. Vera Neumann was an American artist and entrepreneur best known for her boldly colored linen patterns and scarves signed "Vera" and featuring a ladybug. The brand is currently owned by Susan Seid and goes by the name The Vera Company. I like that they kept the signature lady bug feature!