Monday, May 16, 2016

Luxor Box May 2016 Review

Luxor Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that includes luxury, beauty, spa, jewelry, and lifestyle items. Each item is high quality. You receive 5-7 items with a guaranteed value of $275. This is our favorite box in the “luxury” category.  

Cost: $129/US or $159/Canada OR a Petite Box is $43/US only
How Often: Bi-Monthly
Ships To: United States & Canada via USPS

This is generally one box I do not look at spoilers for, other than what they had sent out by email. The Luxor boxes are shipped in high quality boxes, and includes the stamped logo tissue/sticker.
First Look! You can see the info cards packed right on top. I put those away until after I have had my fun going through the box without spoilers.
Jesse & Co Genuine Leather "Beautiful" Word Pouch - $118. This is really nice leather and I like the deep red color a lot. This comes with a nice dust pouch. I'm not yet sure what I'll do with this one, but I'm leaning towards making it a nice gift for someone. I really like it though so I might just keep for myself. I guess there was an outcry over the original item that was sent out by spoiler, so Luxor replaced it with this item. I like that they listen to their customers this way. I cannot even remember what the original item was, and I never did find out what people were upset about.
Rose et Marium  Cement Tile Soap - $20. I came full circle on this one. First I thought it was fragrance and tossed it aside until I went to write the review. Then I finally read the card and realized this is tile soap, which was a nice surprise. Then I learned it includes lavender and I'm back to being less than thrilled. I wish I could keep it though. It is engraved with the cement tile patterns found on their tumblers which is seriously a nice touch. Made in France. Perfume from Grasse. Perfume from Grasse.
HEAD NOTES : Lavender, Coriander, Sicilian lemon
HEART : Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedar, Leather
BASE NOTES : Tonka beans, Musk, Leather
Rose et Maruium Precious Tumbler - $115. This is definitely the nicest cup I've ever owned. It is truly stunning and I'm not sure I've ever used that work for a drink holder before. I'm certain I haven't. This is hand made in France, made of porcelain, and the finish is in platinum. You can drink out of these, but I will probably use it for a candle. Or perhaps a small silk flower arrangement would be great. It just begs to be displayed.
I liked the packaging on the tumbler, so I'm showing you pics of how it closes. It's unique.
Adornia Love Lariat Necklace in Silver - $95. The chain is 22.5 inches. The L goes through the hoop and the letters spell "Love". I'm showing you a stock photo so you can really see how it's designed to lay. There is also a suggestion to wrap the "L" through twice to make it more secure. A very useful tip that I hadn't thought of myself. Do you think this would make a nice gift for a recent grad? I've been struggling with trying to come up with something for my niece and this could be something she would like?
Mary Jurek Mirabel Mini Vase - $40. I knew we were getting something from Mary Jurek this month and I really like the brand. I was so thrilled to get this. I had the perfect spot on the fireplace mantle picked out within seconds of opening this. My pics do not do this vase justice, this is really shiny and so beautiful. I love the size and I like how it fits right in with my d├ęcor. I wouldn't mind a second one for my office either.

This months Luxor Box has a retail value of $388. Another quality box. Sometimes it's just one item that makes an entire box for me and the Mirabel vase is definitely that this month. I appreciate how all the items are good quality and "giftable", so if you can't use it yourself you can be sure it will be nice for someone else.