Sunday, August 9, 2015

Quarterly Culinary Box #YUM01 - Review

Quarterly Co Culinary Box #YUM01 costs $50/quarter. This is a new box for them. They will have different curators each time, which I think is a great idea. This is the first box they have done. The inspiration theme this time is "Favorite Summer Treats". The curators for this box are Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs. "This quarter we're outfitting you for the summer heat".
First look at the box. Everything was very well bubble wrapped, which is great since there were so many breakable items.
Quarterly Co always includes a card from the curator describing the items. This time the curators did not include much of a personalized note explaining why they selected the items, but they did include a couple recipes, which I think is a nice touch.
Sucre Source Polka Dot Ice Pop Sticks - $10. I couldn't find the polka dot ones, but I did find the striped ones. These are really cute and will make great popsicles. Sucre Source has a few other recommendations for use, rather than just popsicles, such as slide one into an ice cream sandwich or piece of watermelon for an easy pop! I would not have thought of this.
Zoku Silicone Ice Pop Makers - $16.99. These are really cute, although I was kind of surprised there was another item included for popsicles. These get great reviews as the silicone is said to just slide right off, so no having to run under water.
Heirloom Home And Studio Ceramic Berry Basket - $15.95. This is a solid little basket for berries, that you can fill to either use at the table or when prepping.
Royal Rose's Pure And Intense Raspberry Syrup - $12.50. This syrup is organic with simple ingredients: filtered water, organic raspberries, and organic sugar. The idea is to use the syrup for popsicles, but since this is a syrup, this has many uses. Cocktails, pour over ice cream, pancakes, coffee, etc....
Royal Rose's Lavender Lemon Syrup - $11.50. Same as above, this can be used for many different purposes. I personally skip anything with lavender in it, so this will be gifted.
Once last look at the entire box. This box had a value of approximate $67. What did you think of the first Quarterly Culinary box? I do not have small children at home, and I think this box would work better for households that do. I am looking forward to seeing what other curators come up with.