Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bianca Jade Quarterly MizzFit #MIZ08 Review

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Bianca Jade curates a Quarterly Box, and this review is for the #MIZ08 box. The cost is $50/quarter. Her box is centered around fitness and includes items that are centered around this theme. few more reviews to post, I stopped everything this morning to open this one. MizzFit Quarterly box is curated by Bianca Jade. Her fitness philosophy is “Style Up 2 Shape Up.” And she aims to inspire and guide you to radiant style and a strong life. The theme this month is "Earn it. Burn it. Flaunt it. This box is designed to celebrate your body as a take charge athlete and empowered woman."
As with all Quarterly boxes, a card is included from the curator telling about the selected items. I like reading about these things, so I'm happy that Quarterly includes them.
Jafra Oil Free Facial Sunscreen SPF 50 - $14.50. I love that SPF 50 was included, because I don't use less than this on my fair skin. Usually sub boxes will have an spf 30, but it's rare for one to be included that even I can use. And it's oil free. This is a hit for me.
Jafra After Sun Lotion - $14.50. I like getting after sun care lotions, I do not use them nearly enough. It helps cool and hydrate the skin. If you use it properly, you can avoid the peeling that sometimes accompanies over exposure.
Winky Designs Watch (Custom made for this box) - $45. This was the spoiler item, so I knew about it ahead of time. This is a white band, with a black face, a combination I could not find on the website. This is slap wrist style, so I think it will fit most people. It's sweat resistant. I do not wear watches while working out, but if I was an outdoor runner this would really come in handy for staying on schedule.
Kore The Multi-Tasker Pre/Post Sweat Sesh Leave-In Conditioner-  $8. I do not have a value because this is not yet available for sale online. I researched what another blogger guessed and I'm going with that. This spray in conditioner is paraben free and safe for colored hair. This has UV and thermal protectant. I bet that means it's great for your hair on sun days.
Glide for Her - $7.99. I really like that this was included. This is not something I would have thought to purchase, but definitely something I can use. Great for chafing everywhere, suggested uses are thighs, toes, and bra line.
Shred 415 Bonnie and Tracy Ankle Band  & Workout Rental- $6.99. This is an ankle band. I need instructions on how to utilize it. Thankfully, there was also a coupon included for a rental on how to use it. There are also more free mini workouts at
Patchology Illuminate Flashmasque - $6.25. I love getting face masks like this. It's really easy to just keep on for about 5 minutes, practically effortless. I personally tend to use these more in the winter when my skin seems dryer, but I still think it's a great addition to a summer box.
Sparituals's 2-step Gold Manicure - $36. I am a fan of this brand, it really does hold up. K has already called this, which is ok because she can pull off the color much easier than I can. The new and improved brush is added to these, which include over 600 bristles that fan out over your nail as you are applying. I like that both a color and top coat were included. Reapply the topcoat after 3 days to extend the life of your manicure.
Ground 2 Table Spices (Salsa, Cinnamon Spice, and All Purpose) - $6. Their motto is Buy Small, Use it All. I kind of like the idea of smaller spice packets, because I do not ever go through an entire jar. But I do think the price of these packets is equivalent to what I can find at the supermarket in much larger quantities. Either way, I think this was a great addition and I'll use for sure. Bianca recommends using the salsa spice for guacamole, I'll definitely need to try that.
Level Life Chocolate Shake - $2.24. This is a chocolate milk protein shake. LEVEL Life Bars and Shakes are great tasting, precisely formulated snacks that fight hunger, support healthy blood sugar, and are low glycemic and gluten free.
Hammer Gel Raspberry Rapid Energy Fuel - $2.80. Two packets were included. This is said to raise blood sugar levels fast, is smooth and easy to digest, and gives you energy. Vegan, Kosher, and gluten free. I tend to get low blood sugar, and it hits me quickly. I am actually looking forward to trying this and will be throwing in my desk at work for the next time I need a quick fix.
Velvet eyewear $75 Voucher - $75. If you aren't familiar with Velvet eyewear, they are pretty pricey. There will not be anything available for $75. This is a great coupon code for this brand, but if you plan to use it you will need to be prepared to spend a little. Also, this is not available with any other discount offers (I tried). I did pick a pair of sunglasses out, and after the discount it still cost me $124. I've never had a pair of velvet sunglasses, so I sure hope they're worth it. They look cool on my laptop.
This pic is of all the other coupons that were included. It may have made better sense for me to put the coupons next to the related products, but I didn't do that so it is what it is. I am disappointed to see that Winky Designs did not include a coupon for us, because I would have already used it!
Patchology 20% Coupon - This line is pretty pricey so I can't imagine purchasing without a coupon.
Shred 415 - The 2nd pic is of the online workout rental that was included to go with the ankle band. These are on-the-go workouts.
Salted 3 Month subscription - $30. Salted has a ton of online cooking courses, for those of us who aren't born naturals. K has used a subscription to them in the past, and I'm sure she will utilize this one as well.
This months #MIZ08 value is around $150 without counting the $30 Salted subscription or the $75 Velvet eyewear coupons. I'll be using both those, so this is a pretty good value for us this month.