Monday, August 31, 2015

Lilee Subscription Box August 22015 Review

Lilee box is $49/month, or $189 for 4 months, or $499 for 12 months.  They include a mix of beauty and lifestyle items. They also include a nice info card to describe the months curation. Each time I receive a box I'm always impressed with the number of items that are included. This month there was a focus on fitness inspired items.
They have the cutest packaging, and I love the black box on top, logo stamped. Also, the little gold sticker for the tissue paper is a nice touch.
Bodyography Cleansing & Soothing Wipes - $14. I am a regular user of facial wipes, so I'm always happy to get more. This is an easy way to remove makeup and also condition the skin.
OFRA face cream sample packs - This was included as bonus samples. I post in the order I open, so that's why your getting this now. I will most likely be passing these on for someone else to try.
Knotty Workout Hair Band - Signature Buckle Wide Headband - $29.99. I'm not totally sure if there were variations sent out, but I believe this is their most popular headband. I know this is still really simple, but it's still too complicated a headband for my taste.
Bottle Band "Like a Boss" - $7.99, custom made for Lilee box. This was custom made for this box, so I do not have a link. This is to help carry your water bottle, and I can see this being really handy if you are carrying a lot of water bottles at once. See the diagram in the 2nd pic in the lower left corner.
Styli-Style Glide on Blush Stick in Bittersweet - $6.49. I do like cream blushes, I think they go on smooth and blend well. This is not a color I can use however, so I'll be gifting.
Probar Fuel Superfood Energy Bar - $5.  I love that this was included, I have been wanting to try this. I like energy bars and I like cherry flavors, so this is a hit for me. I wouldn't mind trying some of the other flavors as well. UPDATE: I have now tried this and it's not my favorite. I was expecting more cherry flavor.
Feto Soap Jumbo Sore Muscle Bath Bomb - $8. I cannot find a company website for this brand, so I am listing the Etsy link. I love bath bombs and I'm never disappointed to get one in a box. I like that this was included.
Lilee Jump Rope - $14.99. This is made exclusively for the Lilee box, so no link for this one either. I like that a jump rope was included, but I've already got one from other boxes.
Incoco Nail Polish Applique Set in Trendspotter - $8.99. This brand has been rated as the top nail applique brand in several review articles I've seen. This has been on my list to try because I prefer the types that are made with real nail polish, not stickers, because they apply cleaner. I am happy to get this. Did you know that Incoco is now selling at Target? They sent me an email yesterday to tell me and I was really surprised to hear this. Good news for them.
Elizabeth mott Tints & Sass Lip Tint - $22.99. Fabulous lip and cheek stain. Love the box this came in! Cute details.
Be a Bombshell Eye Crayons in Angel Eyes & The Boss - $32. I don't wear eye shadows. Or eye creams. I will be gifting to someone who can use.