Monday, August 31, 2015

Little Lace Box Review August 2015 Review

Little Lace Box is $39.99/bi-monthly. They send creative and unique lifestyle and beauty items. The theme this month was Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy.

They send a full size info card that explains the products and why they picked them. These are definitely the most creative info cards in the industry. I enjoy reading them, and reading about the next months inspiration.

Little Lace Box Shea Butter - $19.99. This is made by LLB. The Shea Butter is all natural. There is a lot of shea butter in the recipe. I got the flavor "you leave me peachless". I totally love the fragrance. It's pretty awesome. There were four different versions.

The Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy Vase - - $124. Artisan: Mary Rose Young, Gloucestershire, England. This is a really pretty hand made vase. Her work can be found in cottages and castles across Europe. I kind of got lost looking at her website for a minute. Very unique items that are interesting to the eye.

The - $40. They included a bouquet of flowers to go with the vase of course. You can have them fresh delivered to your house.
Define Me by Jennifer McKay Newton - $36. This is a cute little bottle. I can't wear fragrance, but I think this is really cute.
The value this month is around $200. I cannot use all the items, but I really liked the curation this month. I especially like the unique and creative ideas they come up with.