Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Box Oct 2014 Review

So happy to see my PopSugar Must Have Box today. With all of the shipping mixups, I wasn't sure when I'd be getting mine. I never did receive an automatic shipping information. When I contacted the special email address, lisaandteam@popsugar.com, they were able to tell me the box was on it's way. If you have not received your shipping info, or your box, you should contact them right away.
Isaac Jacobs International Acrylic Frame - $36 This is a magnetic frame, very sturdy and durable.
Happy Socks Animal Socks - $12 These are softer than I thought they would be.
Nailed Kit Halloween Decals - $8 We've gotten items from Nailed Kit before and always think they're cute.
K. Hall Designs Shoreline Shea Butter/Olive Oil Bar Soap - $10 This item was sponsored by Progresso. I'm not sure why we got this, instead of soup, but I'm definitely not complaining.
Dean & DeLuca Pumpkin Spice Maltballs - $5.75 LOVE! Almost gone! Just glad I remembered to get the pic before I tore into it. I have really been in the mood lately for Pumpkin Spice items, and this is the first I've tasted this season.
Butter London Wink Eye Pencil - $18 I recently just discovered that butter London is more than just nails. I love getting items from brands that I already love.
Mine Design Chalkboard Candle - $24 - If you plan to gift this, you can write a funny picture or personalized a message to the recipient. I think that's a great idea.
PopSugar included a couple of coupons this month. Progresso sponsored the K. Hall Designs Shoreline Shea Butter/Olive Oil Bar Soap. They are also running a contest to win $1,000 Wardrobe makeover for you and 3 of your friends. You can sign up at Progresso.com/ProgressOh. Since K hasn't received a PopSugar box in a while, she is getting this one. PopSugar is $39.95/month.