Sunday, October 26, 2014

Secret Outlast Gel

What I'm Raving about this week! 

I got this Secret Outlast gel for free through BzzAgent so I could try it out and review the product. I'm already a fan of the Secret brand, so when they asked if I wanted to review this it was an immediate yes. The gel formula means there are NO pesky white streaks. This is a fast drying gel, so this also means there are NO gel streaks left on your clothes. I like the unscented formula because I have perfume sensitivities and this doesn't have the flowery smells that can quickly get overwhelming.
I had a very busy day running around getting errands taken care of. I generally have to squeeze all of this into my weekend, because who has time during the week. Grocery shopping, gas, post office, and a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up potting soil for the Tulips I'm planting this year. The Secret deodorant protected me well through all that, so I then headed to Macy's for shoes. I did not find what I was looking for but ended up with two tops instead. Don't you hate it when you find something cute in a store only to see some other customers deodorant white streaks all over it? It's so gross. I'm happy to report there was no residue left behind on what I tried on. I wish all customers would do this!