Thursday, October 16, 2014

BirchBox October 2014 Review

 Info Card! Thanks BB!
dr. Brandt Pores no more vacuum cleaner - My favorite item this month!! I'm absolutely loving this brand and excited to try another one of their products. This one is geared to work on blackheads, and who wants those? yuck, no thank you. This works like a mask, you apply a thin layer to "areas of concern" wait 5-10 minutes, and then you find it has turned Blue! Blue? How cool is that? Full size is $45 and if this works as well I'm expecting then I'll totally be picking up!
Macadamia Professional Flawless Cleansing Conditioner - I was hoping to get a cleansing conditioner eventually because I have been wanting to try. If you aren't familiar, this is like a two-in-one product. Basically, a conditioner that also cleanses, but focuses more on the condition part. This does not have a lather, and you have to make sure to rinse thoroughly.
Laura Geller Beauty Spackle Under Make-Up Primer - This is always welcome in my house. I've used this brand before, and I like to keep primers on stock, since I totally believe in them.
 I'm always soo curious to see what they put in this little box.
Camille Bechman Tuscan Honey Glycerine Hand Therapy  - I thought the little rose pasted on top of this little jar was totally cute. I also really love the packaging on the full size items, totally Tuscan.
Coastal Scents - Revealed 2 Eyeshadow Pallet Set - IDK why it says two, when there were 4 shadows included. I guess there are some mysteries that I'll never know!

Not everything was a hit with me this month, however, I love the thing I love more than enough to make up for it!