Monday, March 23, 2015

Little Lace Box - March 2015 Review

I just got my Little Lace Box a couple hours ago, and this is the only review I am working on today. Yes, I realize I'm quite behind this month. I've just been too busy and too tired. I was so excited to get it as I was not expecting it today. I have not seen any spoilers, so this month was a full surprise for me. Little Lace Box continues to be one of my very favorites each month. They find the most unique and surprising items. Little Lace Box is $39.99/month. The theme this month is "Nourish your mind, body & soul". Boy do I need that!! 
LOVE this little red box. The 2nd I saw it hanging out in my mailbox I just wanted to open right then. I was really excited to see what they cam up with this month. 
All Natural Urban Spa Sea Sponge - RV $12 - I don't know what's wrong with my pic, I just can't seem to get this picture to face the correct way, so I'll just have to read it to you. It says apS nabrU. It's a nice sponge and will actually make a nice break from the bath sponges I normally get. I'm assuming this also has a 30 day safe use period. Unlike most sponges, the Urban Spa Full Body Sea Sponge is unbleached to retain its natural color and prolong its life. A product of the Caribbean, Urban Spa Sea Sponges are a renewable resource sustained through responsible harvesting.     
 Kate Spade New York Gold Glitter Water Bottle - $30 BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free glass water bottle. The skin is made of silocone. This is hand wash, but it's glass, so I imagine if you take the sleeve off it should be find in the dishwasher. It's pretty and solid.
Cali Baronessa Torocco Shampoo & Conditioner - $32 I LOVE the smell of this stuff. It truly feels like being in a high end spa. This is made of Sicilian Red Orange Extracts, and it's amazing. This is said to work for all types of hair, regardless of race. Interesting.

The final item for this months box is a 12"X12" Gallery Wrap Mounted Canvas Print - $51.99. LLB is sending out a coupon code for this to order in their shop. I have no idea what this means, but can't wait to see it.
This months Little Lace box had a value of approx. $126, which is way more than I paid. I'm really liking this box. Next months theme is "Nonna's Kitchen". Can't wait to see what that brings.