Monday, March 9, 2015

Blind Surprise March 2015 Review

Blind Surprise sends you a surprise gift each month. I've gotten this box in the past, and usually only one item. I was surprised to see 3 items this month. Blind Surprise likes to work with handmade artists, you can expect Etsy type products, but not every gift is handmade. There are different price levels, but to try it out one time is $25.
Bops Nepal Roll On Bracelets - $11. These are really cute. Not my style and I won't be keeping them, but they are really cute.
Kitsch Hair Ties Bohemian - $12. I really like Kitsch Hair ties and I use them often. Lose them often too, so I can never have too many. I've never received any that weren't solid colors, so this was nice to get. The Bohemian is one of the newer styles.
Marissa and Co Lavender Shampoo Bar - $7. I am allergic to Lavender, so I didn't even unwrap this, as I know this will be listed on MSA swaps. I really like the pressed seal, gives it a homemade touch. To use this, you lather up your hands, then distribute through your hair. This is such an unusual concept I'm not even sure how I feel about it.
This box had an overall value of $30. I generally like to see it a bit higher to call it a good value. Two of the three items I won't be keeping, but I will get use out of the hair ties. I do like the Etsy items being included.