Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beauty DNA March 2015 Review

Beauty DNA- $25 a month. You fill out a thorough quiz about your preferences and you will receive one premium full sized item a month that is specially matched to you. You will never get the same item twice, and you will never get the same type of item more than once a year (e.g. shampoo). I get a lot of skincare items from them, and it's always within my preferences, particularly fragrance free.
This month I was completely, and pleasantly, surprised to get two items. Usually they only include one. Occasionally you get a bonus item. I think that generally happens when they send you an item that is typically lower $$.
Phyto Paris Reparateur Express Conditioner - $19. Lately I have only been receiving skincare items, so this was a nice surprise to get a conditioner, which we don't see too often in sub boxes. This is said to instantly detangle damaged hair without weighing it down. It's supposed to be good for dry, weakened, or damaged hair. It gets pretty good reviews, a lot of which state the key is to rinse immediately!
Alessadnro International Pedix Feet One Minute Pedicure - $25 I just finished up the last drop of my normal foot scrub, so I'm actually happy to see this. It says in 60 seconds your feet will be softer and no more cracked heels. My feet do get dry, so I moisturize often. And I do love pedicures. Just not when they scrub so hard....which pretty much just makes me giggly. This is rich in proteins, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins. I will be trying tomorrow, just too tired tonight.

I do see how I got the pic of the front of the card for one item, and the inside of the card for the next. So I'm not consistent? Like I said, I'm tired. I do have a full time job so cut me some slack on that one. The inside of the card gives a little more info on the product and tells you why you were matched. The Pedix One Minute Pedicure brochure says "it is well suited to benefit your fair complexion". Huh? Usually I can make more sense of this stuff.

Beauty DNA continues to send me timely and unique items, from brands I end up really liking but don't necessarily think to buy.