Saturday, March 21, 2015

BarkBox Medium Dog February 2015

February's BarkBox theme was Mardi Gras.

Large Jester Ball- $9.00

This toy is one of my favorite we have received. It lasted almost a month now and that is really impressive for him! it has a built in ball which makes it bounce all over when you throw it.

Salmon Half Cigar $5.00 -

I gave this to Sailor while I cleaned the kitchen. I turned around and it was gone, so I would guess he enjoyed it!

Catfish Po'Boy with Chicken $7-

Sailor really loved these. He didn't eat them all at once so I refrigerated the rest as recommended.

Gulpy 10oz $9.00-

I was really excited for this as I am always paranoid that Sailor will run out of water when we are out. This was a great concept however, when its full it won't stand up by itself and tips over so you have to hold it for them.

Chicken Pot Pie Little Bites-

He really liked these so far.

Overall Sailor enjoyed the toys and treats and I am still impressed with the quality of items. The only toys he has still intact are BarkBox ones. And the quality of ingredients in the treats makes me feel better about the treats I am giving him.