Friday, June 24, 2016

Avenue A Summer 2016 Review

Avenue A by Adidas - is a subscription beauty box that caters to women. Every box from Avenue A by Adidas brings you into a new world of premium urban running gear, crafted and perfected by women, for women on the move.  You will receive apparel and footwear. Items are chosen for style and fitness performance. You fill out a profile and specify your sizes so items are likely to fit your.
Cost: $150/Quarter
How Often: Quarter
Ships To: United States via UPS Ground
I'm not sure if the pic is really showing how big this box is. It's probably the biggest box I've received the entire past three years I've been doing this.
The box had two compartments, and it was interesting to see each side individually wrapped. I can't really tell you what was on each side as I opened it too quickly to remember.
Adidas Edge Lux Bounce Running Shoe - $85. Oh I so wish these had come in black. I will not wear blue shoes. Ever. But I bet they really are good running shoes. Very flexible and lightweight.
Extra shoelaces - These are pretty.
Adilette Ultra Slide - $35. These are so cute and so comfortable. This is Cloudfoam plus footbed. Super soft and cushioning. I could not find this exact color online, so maybe it was only set out to subscribers? Either way, I like them!
M10 Woven Short - $32. I love these running shorts. They are comfortable and stylish. I'll use these for sure.
Supernova Tank - $35. The closest I could find was the Supernova Fitted Tank, but this one is not really all that fitted. but not totally loose either. It's just really comfortable. With a sports bra it would work for almost any sports activity. I like it and I'm happy it came in White.
MiCoach Fit Smart - $130. I really like that this was included, although I really don't wear this type of thing much, and what I mean is a silicone bracelet. I know, everyone is into the Fitbit, but I've just never really quite gotten there. I do like that this can synchronize with your phone. I will try this out and see if I can get used to it, but I have a feeling I am going to need a much more stylish option before I can ever truly get into this trend.
Womens Headband - $7. I totally missed this the first time I went through the box. It was not on the info card either, but a nice addition that I can actually use. I didn't find this exact online so I am guessing at the price because all the other headbands are this amount.
I am very pleased with the box, even if I don't want the blue shoes that were included. This box has an approximate value of $324, which is amazing and I love it! I really like that they send an entire outfit, and I'm amazed at two pairs of shoes this time. I hear that for the Fall box they are set to include a black pair of shoes, so I will be hanging on for at least one more box. I like that there are running shoes each quarter, and they are different each time.