Monday, February 16, 2015

Swaag - TOM Box February 2015 Review

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SwaagBox is a TOM box - $10-$24 month depending on which option you choose. You can pick supplies, or just makeup and jewelry. I'm not sure getting a TOM box is worth it if you do not get supplies. I had a mixup on my account this month, and they sent me two boxes. I opened both to see if there was any difference, but the only thing different was the snacks. I love that they include chocolate each month. I'm not posting values for sample sizes or links for the items I can't brand identify.
I'm happy with the mix of chocolate. What would make this even better would be deluxe chocolates.
Skin & Co Sicilian Body Lotion - This came with a white lid in one box and a silver one in the other, but it's the same item. The white one leaked.
Cargo Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in Black - $22 I like that they are including brand names this month, because last time I got one of these boxes it did not include that and I wasn't overly thrilled.
Coolway Boost Repair - This product is new to me. For over-processed hair from harsh chemicals and high heat tools, this rejuvenating weekly treatment infuses your hair with an extra boost of Porphyra seaweed extract and other nutrients to improve elasticity and strength. I thought this would work like a deep conditioner, but it's different than that. If you wan to flat iron, you should do it on a low setting.
D&G Eau De Toilette - All fragrance is wasted on me. Unless it's fruity.
Cailyn Mineral Eyeshadow Powder in Autumn Full size included $12- I was so hoping to get different colors, but not this time. But again, happy to see brand names.
Playtex Gentle Glide 360 - I have never seen this in a 9/9 count before, not sure where that is even sold. I know it exists because it's on their website, I just don't know who retails it.
Bangles - I like that both a silver and a gold was included. I had to redo the pic because otherwise if they aren't side by side it wasn't really showing the difference. These are great for layering.
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