Monday, February 9, 2015

Cypress & 5th Grab Bag February 2015 Review

We recently heard about Cypress & 5th. They are a monthly subscription box for fashion. They are not brand new, but still fairly new. How it works is you are charged $74.95 each month. You visit your "dressing room" and pick out two or three items. You do have the option to skip the month, which is great. Each apparel piece comes with a “How to Style” suggestion card with styling options such as: shoes, handbags, accessories and pairing ideas. I have been wanting to but was just waiting for something to come along to grab my attention. They offered a grab bag special, and I signed up for one immediately. Seriously, within minutes of hearing about it. The cost was $89, but we had a coupon code and paid $75.95. We do not have links or prices today because we were unable to find the exact items online. But I'll do my best to describe things.
Bumble Bee Gold Earrings - Are these not the cutest? Seriously! These are too cute! I don't really wear animal jewelery, or prints, but these are so super cute. K is getting these for sure and I'm looking forward to seeing them on her. Even though she isn't home to claim them, I'm putting them aside for her when she visits after finals. I'm posting a stock photo next to my own because my pic really doesn't do them justice.
blu pepper grey/white sweater -  Love. This is definitely my favorite item. I love a nice sweater, and I especially love sweaters with personality. I had to show you the back, the criss-cross detail. Also, it is slightly longer in the bag which makes it great to pair with leggings.
Mine top - I LOVE this also! This is very lightweight, will be perfect for my next trip to the Caribbean. It's made of a Rayon/Polyester blend, but feels more like linen. The netting on the top makes it breezy. I love the tie in the middle. I can see pairing this with white skinny jeans. I didn't get a pic of the back, but the back is banded at the waist and fits perfectly.
Timing T-shirt - This is very soft jersey Tee shirt at the top and then moves into a Rayon material. Also light weight and good for summer. What I love about this is the contrast of patterns. What I don't love is that I would prefer the entire thing to be either the soft t-shirt, or a rayon top. This looks cool, but when it's on it feels like it can't make up it's mind on what it wants to be. Also, it's just a little big on me and the length is too long for me to wear comfortably.
Umgee USA dress - Ooooh, I really love this! This is a dress but looks like a sleeveless top and skirt. I cannot wear mini skirts this short, but I so wish I could keep this. This felt so great on, I totally felt like I was 21 again getting ready to go to a club. I'm not kidding, I looked in the mirror and started mentally picking out the jewelry and heels to pair it with. This dress looks stiff, but it's actually really stretchy and comfortable. I cannot wear skirts this short anymore, but it did briefly take me back to the days when I could totally rock this!

Verdict - Great value! I like the clothes, I like the styles. Even though I can't keep everything, this was definitely good value. The rest will be swapped on MSA. I've already ordered another grab bag and looking forward to reviewing that one for you as well.