Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Golden Tote Mystery Bag February 2015 Review

Golden Tote is monthly subscription service. They offer a $49 bag that includes 3 items and you can select one of those, or 5-7 items for $149 where you get to select 2 of those items. They had their mystery tote sale for $60. The Mystery Tote is a grab bag of clothing from this year's Golden Tote sales. Each Mystery Tote will come with four clothing items for only $60. Included in each tote is one past chosen item, one Puella item (it's a new, exclusive surprise), and two additional past surprise items.
The Mystery Tote did not include an info card, and I'm not looking for links on here either since I can't find all the items. I'll just give you brand names and my impressions.
I received four items. They were neatly stacked and banded together inside the tote bag.
Puella Swing Tee - I really liked the material, Really liked it! I love soft t-shirts. The A-line style was also a hit. Unfortunately, it was just slightly too small in the arms. I wasn't too crazy about the stripes either. I will be swapping this, but that is not because of the quality.
Ellison Romper - This is super cute. I don't think it's right for this time of year, but maybe that's just because all I can see is winter right now. I would probably feel different about this if it showed up in the Spring/Summer months.
Cut and Sew Swing Dress - This looks amazing with a belt. Amazing. But that's a look I cannot pull off. Even though it's not my style does not mean I don't still love it, it just means I won't be wearing it. But I wish I could because this material is so super soft and quality.
Miss Love Sweater - This does not describe me at all. I think this is better suited for my grandmother. The material is stiff and polyester, and just does not feel comfortable. The only thing I like about this is the boxy shape.

The value was definitely there for this tote, but I won't be keeping anything from this selection. I'm not unhappy with the tote though, these items just aren't a match for me. I checked the website today and there are still totes available for sizes small and x-small.