Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I tried Plated a year ago and wasn't impressed with my meals at all. They didn't taste that great and I had frustration with the recipes not giving enough details in the instructions. However I recently came across their intro special and decided to give it another shot. I ended up paying $24 for two meals for two, which is cheaper than paying to go out for two nights. Last time I tried Plated it wasn't a subscription service however, that has changed and you are required to enroll but you can skip any weeks and can cancel at anytime. Typically the meals are $12 a plate and you are required to purchase four plates.

The first meal I picked was Thai Peanut Curry with Sticky Rice

Words and pictures cannot describe how amazing this meal was. Seriously I think my favorite meal I have made. My boyfriend was a little weirded out about the idea of a subscription service and wasn't really sure how it would arrive however, after I cooked this meal he was looking at the future menus and picked out our next Plated adventure. He couldn't stop raving about this meal! It was extremely easy to make, and the instructions were clear and concise. I am horrible about eating greens but I finished off my bowl! I really hope they bring this recipe back in the future, or at least offer other curries that are up to par with this!

The second meal I tried was Vietnamese Caramel Fish with Vermincelli and Bok Choy

Unfortunately I had to make this during the week so I prepared this meal solo. Overall it was pretty good....but not as good as the curry. The noodles were easy to make. The fish was a bit of an adventure as it all fell apart in the pan. I felt like overall it was pretty easy to prepare and had great taste. I would try to prepare this again on my own once I get searing down a little better.

Overall I am very happy with Plated and will continue to order from them. I love cooking but as a busy full time graduate student, full time employee, and mother to a fur baby it is very difficult to plan out fancy meals and run to the stores to collect all of the exotic ingredients and plated takes away the stress of finding fun healthy meals and having to track down ingredients by having everything delivered right to my door step. I also really enjoy that these meals are on the healthier side and is exposing me to healthy meals that I can make again in the future. I absolutely love that they include the recipe card so you can recreate it at home again. Cooking with my Bf is more fun and cheaper than having to go out to eat and this will become apart of our weekend routine. If you are interested in Plated you can sign up here.