Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bodycomfort Heat Pads Review

I recently picked these bodycomfort heat packs up at a store demo. My neck/shoulders/back were really hurting that day, and I actually had the disposable heat pads in my cart. I didn't even wait for the spunky sales girl to finish the demo, I just said I'll take it! I paid $55 and got the following heat packs:
  • 2 Hand
  • 2 Feet
  • 2 Pocket Packs
  • 1 Extra Wide Back 
  • 1 Neck shoulders
I tried to show the picture with all of them laid out. I don't know how well you can see it, with it being clear plastic, but maybe the shapes show? The closest package online is $95 and does not include everything I received.
These are a different kind of heat pad. There is a little metal disc inside, and you press on it until it snaps. This sets off a reaction of heat, and it quickly spreads throughout the rest of the pack. I do not pretend to understand this.

It's supposed to last an hour, it lasts much longer. I'm loving it, so easy to use. The downside is "resetting" it. You are supposed to add to boiling water. I got my crockpot out for this, as I didn't really have anything else big enough. I had used the neck heatpack, which is the largest one, and the one I'm likely to use most often. It did not quite fit into the slow cooker, so I had to wait until it fully melted in the middle, and then squish the rest of it into it. It took much longer than I imagined it would.

I received the unsecented versions, but they do have scents like lavender and mint in their online store.

I made sure to wrap it in a towel first, to ensure the plastic did not stick to any edges.When I first took it out, it was warm, but then quickly became solid again. You really have to wrap it up in a towel to keep it from returning to solid before it cools. It will be much easier to reset the smaller packs, because they will easily fit into a pan and return to their liquid state. So far, I'm really happy with this purchase.