Monday, November 17, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Limited Edition Neiman Marcus Box November 2014 Review

I received the PopSugar Neiman Marcus box last week. I've been really slow at posting, but mostly that's because I just wasn't overly excited about the box and wanted to wait until I could write more positive words. I had looked up the spoilers, and wasn't even excited to open this. The box is $250, but the value is around $670. You can purchase for $50 less if you go directly to Neiman Marcus. The box is much bigger than the normal boxes, and every product is luxury.
The Limited Edition boxes come in these beautiful black boxes, with black tissue paper. This one has Neiman Marcus stamped on the front. My favorite part is that every item is individually wrapped.
Clare V Fold over Leather Clutch - $220 - This was the first spoiler that was released. And this is the big ticket item. It is very high quality, super soft, two-toned, and really beautiful. I personally don't like clutches, and would have preferred something with a cross-body strap. Then, I would have been able to use it. K liked it well enough so this went to her.
Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame - $100 This frame is gorgeous, and clearly high quality. I don't really need another frame, but I intend to find a use for this.
ChanteCaille Brilliant Gloss - $33 This is a very pretty pink lipgloss, and I expect it will go on quite sheer. K wants it so I told her it might show up in her stocking.
ChanteCaille Supreme Clis Water Resistant Mascara - $52 This must be the most expensive mascara I've ever owned. I'm sure it's great, but I really don't use waterproof mascara. I do know the perfect person who would love this! This is supposed to work with just one layer, and is clump resistant.

MariBelle Aztec Hot Chocolate Tin - $12 - This hot chocolate is made with pure chocolate instead of cocoa powder. Mix with hot water or milk. I haven't tried yet, but with the weather cooling off I'm sure that will happen soon.
Missoni Home Apothia Candle - $88 This is a stock picture because I somehow didn't get a pic before I gifted the candle. The candle is very nice. The scent is good, but wasn't for me, I did love the unique design on the container.
Lancer The Method Nourish - $125 This is the only item I was truly thrilled to get in this box. I love pricey skin care items, and this line consistently gets great reviews. This is fragrance-free and has anti-aging ingredients. So, basically, by the time I get done with this huge bottle, I should look 10 years younger. You can even use this on the eye area.
Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box - $40 Lipstick not included. I was just giving you an idea of the size of the box because it's much larger than I had thought. This is not something I would normally buy, but I actually really do like it. This is like a white glass.

If the spoilers had been out before purchase, I would not have bought this one. But last years box was so great that I was hoping for something equally wonderful.