Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beauty DNA - November 2014 Review

This month Beauty DNA sent me a Bonus item this month. I'm not too sure why, but I'm guessing it's because my item was of lower value. Whatever the reason, it was a nice surprise. If you aren't familiar with Beauty DNA, for $25/month, they match you with a full size item. It's generally a luxury brand or higher value item. They also send you a card each month to let you know why they picked what they did. You fill out a profile of your preferences. They guarantee you will never get the same item twice and you will never get the same type of item more than once a year (e.g. shampoo, face wash).
This bonus item was Supersmile Professional Whitening System 36 - $ and 45-Degree Angled Toothbrush - $12.99. It even included a toothbrush.

My match this month was Key West Aloe Key Lime Salt Scrub - $23. It smells wonderful! I'm not really in need of this product, because I'm still using Apple Blossom & Kumquat that I got from Total Beauty. But I'll be keeping this stuff for when I'm ready for it.

This wasn't my favorite month, but I'm not disappointed either. Beauty DNA continues to match me with products I can actually use, and I have not received any products that I have on my no match list, such as flower or perfume smells. They have been so good at it that I really look forward to getting my match each month.