Saturday, April 11, 2015

TOM Box April 2014 Review

*this post contains affiliate links*
TOM Box is a time of month box, meant to make those times just a little more comfortable. There is an option to do twice the monthly make up and jewelry for just a few dollars more, which we picked. We paid $22.
This month there were two different colored boxes included, which was pretty obvious it included the makeup items. When we have picked the double makeup/jewelry option in the past, we have found they send the exact same items, just two of them. I was hoping that the two different colored boxes meant they were including different items in each one.
This is the snacks they sent this month. I like that it's chocolate and a well known trusted brand.
The jewelry option this month is bracelets. They are the same thing, but different colors. I don't wear these types of bracelets, but I do like the detail on these. The green one has what I think is an elephant and a second silver decoration. The blue one has a flower and leaf, which I really like. Sorry about the different size pics but it is what it is.
Common Goat Sense LLC, Homemade Goat Milk Soap - I like that an Etsy type product was included.
Cailyn Eye Polish in Mink-  RV - $15 - I really like this stuff, even if I don't personally use it. It's a good quality and I like that better brands are now being included in the TOM boxes.
Philip B Lovin Leave-in Conditioner - I've gotten ths stuff before. I neither like nor dislike it. Paraben and Phthalate free, color and keratin treatment safe.
J Cat Roll it up Auto Lip Liner in Amaranth Pink - $4.99
nugg Face Mask  in Soothing - $3.29 These seem to be everywhere lately, but this is the first one I've received in a sub box. I'm actually happy to try it. It's getting great reviews. I've read that it's best to apply a thin layer in place of your normal moisturizer. Also, people seem to be keeping theirs in the refrigerator after opening.
Skin & Co Truffle Body Milk - This is a very good size sample. I love that it's another trusted brand.
TOM Box has really stepped up their game lately. I like that they are no longer just sticking to drugstore brands, but including products that ladies will actually use. I haven't added up the value, due to the sample sizes, but it's definitely an improved box this month.