Thursday, April 9, 2015

ModCloth Stylish Surprise April 2015 Review

We have never tried the Modcloth Stylish Surprise before, so we were happy to try it out. Stylish Surprise is a grab bag, and you never know what you are going to get. We picked a variety of sizes. This review is on the dresses only, as our tops have not yet arrived. We paid $20 each and all sales are final. We know ModCloth has vintage looking styles, and love the 50's style clothes on their website, so that's what we were hoping for. Any items that don't work will be listed for swap on the MSA site. We are including brand names, but not prices because this is last seasons items they are trying to clear out of inventory.
Nicolette Mason For ModCloth - I thought this was really cute in the sense that it has the vintage look we were hoping for. But it's pink, and neither one of us wear pink. It's lined, with a slip skirt, and petticoat, and many layers to make it poofy. And it has a bow, which is not my style at all. K likes bows, and she likes polka dots, but not pink. This is a formal, and unlikely we will be keeping this one. I would have worn this in the 80's to an 8th grade dance. But outside that? Nope.
Marina - This is also a formal cocktail dress. K has a wedding to go to this summer where she will need a nice dress. This will be a weeklong event, with many different activities, and ends with a trip to the keys. This is partly why we bought so many dresses, hoping to get some items for her trip. This one has possibility. I really like this one. Color, style. Really like it.
Tatyana - This one is knee length. The sparkle is K's style, but not mine. The length is too old for her, and too old for even me. It feels like really good quality, and I'm sure would look great on the right person. We are unlikely to keep this one.
Decode 1.8 - We love this one. This is also very formal, although I don't know how much you can tell from the pic. It's pure white. The back has a very pretty cut out, which I tried to show. This would make a great wedding dress for a casual wedding. Neither one of us are planning a wedding, and the length is way too long, so we can't keep it.
Bibico - This is a 3 quarter sleeve corduroy dress. With pockets. Barf. Just No. Really, this is super ugly. We are NOT keeping. Again, Barf! This looks appropriate for an Amish village. The tag says it's clothing with effortless style. Well, put some effort into maybe creating a style?
Eucalyptus - This is definitely one of my favorites. This is also a possibility for K to take on her trip. If not, I'm keeping, I really love it.
C. Luce - This style is super cute, it's a sheath dress. I know the pic looks pink?, but it's really orange. A color that does not look good on either one of us. The material is also a little thinner, so it would look best on those that do not have a tummy.
City Triangles - We LOVE this one as well. This is also a good possibility for K to take on her trip. I really love the detail on this one. The embroidery, bling band framing the belt line.
Ark & Co - This is about as pretty as the corduroy one. You can't really see it, but there are thin stripes on this. It's just gross material, gross style, and gross color. Verdict? it's gross. NOT keeping. Oh, and it comes with a matching belt. I guess for a 70's dress up theme? with go go boots? Also, it's sparkly. Which still does not look good on the color.
Innovation Femme- I really like this one when looking at it. But after I tried it on? Not so much. How to describe it's issue. It looks like it should be great. But, do you see the place where the belt goes? That actually does not sit on the waist, and also does not sit below the breasts. It's just randomly placed, and when it's on it's just uncomfortable. The material is rayon so it's meant to be dressy.
Lush - I LOVE this one. I might take this on my next cruise, I'm thinking New Years Eve. This is strapless, and shiny. It's short enough to pull it off either with or without the belt.  I tried it and it looks great both ways.
Ark & C0 - Oh this is so 80's Madonna super cute. Unfortunately, it runs really small and we cannot keep this. I'm not sure either one of us realistically have anywhere we'd wear it to anyway, so not much of a loss. I think it might fit my niece and look good on her. It's cute though.
Chi Chi - We have mixed reactions to this. I hated it on sight, but K really likes it. But then again, I do not like 3-d flowers on clothes, I don't care how in style it is right now. I do love the color combination though. Also, I love the ruffle petticoat.
RYU - This is jersey material, with a frilly design on the bottom. The straps are adjustable and have detail on them. This does not work. It looks like a dress that couldn't decide what it wants to be. The frilly design makes it more dressier, but the jersey keeps it too casual for dress up. Is it a pool dress? club? cocktail? Is it pajamas? Fancy Lingerie? doesn't even know.
Pink Owl - This is my top favorite! I LOVED this one on. I like the style, I like the red belt. It's super comfortable. It's stretchy, but the material isn't' too thin. The only issue is it's slightly too tight in the chest. I'm going to try and swap for a Large. But I really loved this one.

All in all I think we got a good mixture of dresses. Some will work for me and some will work for K. We did not get the 50's vintage looking style we were hoping for, which is a little disappointing.