Sunday, April 26, 2015

ipsy Glam Bag April 2015 Review

Ipsy- $10/ month/ no shipping charges. You get a cute makeup bag filled with 4-5 personalized beauty products. It's a great way to build up your makeup collection, since they send so many different items.
This month's theme was "Beautifully Bohemian", which is a style that can be really hit/miss with me.This makeup bag really describes the theme. It does not, however, describe me. I've already gifted to someone who loved it.
Olive Lips Oats & Honey Moisturizing Lip Balm - $5.95. I love trying new lip balms. I don't necessarily need another one, but I'll never be sad to see one included. It smells like honey, goes on smooth, and definitely feels moisturizing. I'm really liking it.
Julie G Nail Color in Damsel - $4 Full size was included, along with a $1 off coupon for Jessig's Girl or the Julie G line. Very pretty color, but I'm pretty stuck on my current brands.!product/prd1/1046903884/carnation-pink
Pandora's Face Blush in Pink Carnation - $12, I think this is full size included. Pretty color that should work for most skin tones.
Mica Beauty Cosmetics Eye Primer - $44.95. I had to blink to make sure I read that correctly. $44.95 for an eye primer? I've seen it much cheaper on Ebay but I don't know about buying cosemtics that way. I don't wear Eyeshadow, so I can't even test this out to see if it truly works better than the leading brands. The reviews are all 5stars though, so maybe it is significantly better?  
The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow in Fit - $3. I'm never disappointed to see products from The Balm included. they seriously have the cutest packaging. The sample sizes are perfect for a travel bag. Unfortunately, its generally Eyeshadow from their line that's included, and I don't wear it even when I'm traveling. I hope they start participating with some items from their other product lines and including those in sub boxes. That would be cool.

This months value was pretty good. Ipsy- $10/month. I made the difficult decision to take a break from ipsy this month, and some of the other boxes that are known for smaller sample sizes. I have to cut down on the amount of makeup and sample sizes I am receiving, since my stock is getting too full right now. I don't want anything expiring while its still sitting waiting it's turn. I may return at some point, but this is the last month I'll have a review for awhile.