Saturday, July 9, 2016

5th Avenue Style Limited Edition Summer Box Review

5th Avenue Style is a luxury accessories box that sends you items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, and sunglasses. You will receive 4-5 luxury items in the regular subscription and 4-5 branded items in the Deluxe box. They do calculate the RV based on the original retail value of the box. They offer Limited Edition boxes and also offer a quarterly subscription for $390.
Cost: $158/regular box $159/ Deluxe Box
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: Anywhere via USPS  and $35 shipping for international

One thing to know about this box is the items are unlikely to be from a current season. This means you may or may not be able to find a price or other item information online.
This review is for the Limited Edition Summer Box. The cost was $270. The items were wrapped in silver tissue paper. The box it came in was rather large, unnecessarily large, and there was an incredible amount of bubble wrap.
Sorial Allen Tote in Soft Grey - $98. I cannot find this online, but I'm using $98 as an estimate because this is what other similar totes from this brand are costing. This is the brand name bag that was promised. I wasn't overly thrilled with it at first, but it's really grown on me now. I thought it was just such a plain color, but I am liking the detail, and it doesn't feel so plain anymore. I like this brand and have other bags from them. I was unable to find this style for sale anywhere.
There was a smaller box inside the Sorial tote. This had off of the rest of the items nicely wrapped in silver tissue paper.
Everything item was inside it's own white organza bag.
Rivka Friedman Esha Domed Bangle with Scattered CZ Stones, Black/White - $150. I can't find anything nice to say about this bangle. I don't like bangles in general, but the stones on this seem misplaced, it's clear that was the intention, but it still seems off.
BCBGeneration Sprial Bangle in Silver - $20. I do not like these types of bracelets on me. I think this is shiny and pretty, but I will never wear it.
Alta Vintage Sterling Silver Curved Ring - LOVE this!! I like that it's unique, shiny, and fits me just fine. Never heard of this brand and I have no clue where to find this.
Alta Vintage Sterling Silver Leaf Pendant Necklace - Same brand as above, still never heard of it. I think this should be prettier than it is, it looks kind of cheap to me. Not a fan and definitely not something I would consider a "luxury" item.
Taya Long Pearl Necklace - Cannot find online. These are heavier than I thought they would be. Not heavy enough to actually be real, but they are surprisingly heavy. They are really nice and I like that they can be worn different ways.

AtStyle247 Classic Oversized Sunglasses, Black - $75. I LOVE these as well. I am always happy to get new sunglasses, and I personally really like oversized glasses, so these are great! I also like the design on the side.
These glasses are pretty huge for my face, but I really really like them!
Bubble Wrap - $5. This box had so much bubble wrap included, that I'm actually considering it a bonus! It's a small role, but still way more than needed for this shipment. Since we do a lot of shipments, I'm happy to see it included.

I did receive some items I really like, but I can't say it was worth the price of the box. I like the bubble wrap bonus almost as much as the sunglasses. 5th Avenue Style does state they use the original MSRP for their pricing guidelines, which is a ridiculous business model since the items are not from current seasons. I am disappointed I can't calculate a better value for this box or find more information about the items anywhere online. We will not be signing up for a monthly subscription because it is not worth the money, but we did enjoy going through the limited edition box.