Sunday, July 31, 2016

Serendipity by LLB is a bi-monthly subscription that includes 5-7 samples, with the occasional full size item. This is pretty much a box of items that Little Lace finds that are not an exact fit for their full size box. This ships on the off months that Little Lace Box does not. Products can be makeup, skincare, tools, and other useful household items.
Cost: $9.99/month, $59.94/6 month subscription
How Often: Bi-Monthly
Ships To: United States (including Alaska & Hawaii & Puerto Rico) via USPS Priority
 I love the info booklets that are included each month. They tell a lot about the products. They also give a sense of the personality of those behind this brand and it makes the box feel like there was a very personal touch to the curation.
Each item is listed and very well described. I really like how they tell us the value of the item included, not just what the full size sells for.
Boca Terry Spa Headband - $3.99. This is a terrycloth headband. LLB uses the red stuffing for their boxes, which unfortunately got all over my headband. I did not have the time to spend to clean this up before snapping the pic so this is what it looks like out of the box. I'm sure it would come right out in the washer, but I don't want to take any chances the red color would run. These kinds of headbands are always great for keeping your hair out of your face when doing a face mask or washing off makeup.
Pre De Province Rich Hand Butter - $7.99. The one I received is coconut, which I am thrilled with! This reminds me of sunscreen, which of course takes me directly to my happy place, which is sitting on a beach in the Caribbean! I just may end up purchasing the full size.
Kitsch Chevron Necklace - $22.95. There were two version of necklaces sent out. I wish I had received the other version, which was a double layer gold/pearl necklace, so I'm def going to try and trade for it. I generally love Kitsch products and this is trendy enough, just not for me, which may be due to the mix of metals.
MannaKadar Fantasy 3-in-1 Blush/Highlighter/Eyeshadow - $19. This product has multiple uses. I do like that these suggestions are included because I think oftentimes people get boxed in with an intended use, and if something works for other than intended, it is nice to think out of the box on this. Sorry to be so philosophical, but I was recently reading up on multiple uses for baking soda, many of which I had not personally thought of.
LeBlanc-France Sachets Cote D'Azur - $5.99. I really love the artwork on these things, very impressive and beautiful. Suggested uses for this are under the seat in your car, in a closet, in a storage bin for those winter clothes, in your linen closet, in your underwear drawer. For bag vacuum cleaner use: open the paper cover, spread the scented particles on the floor and vacuum them up. The lavender floral scent is a no-no in this household, but if it were a vanilla or fruity scent we would totally use. I hope to see more products like this in the future.
Hello Fresh Coupon - $50 off your first two boxes. If you aren't familiar, Hello Fresh subscriptions send you a meal kit box of fresh ingredients and include everything you need to cook a home cooked meal, and you choose which meals you want each week. The coupons generally apply to new customers only. If you ever want one, contact us and we will send you a code.
The approximate value this month is $59.92, which is great for a $9.99 box. I really liked the curation of this months box. Really liked it. Even though I will not be using anything but the coconut lotion and the headband. I am going to try and get the other version of the necklace though.