Tuesday, October 27, 2015

12 Benefits Review

*This product was sent to us for review purposes*
12 Benefits, who kindly sent us items for review, is one of our favorite brands. We recently received the 12 Benefits Love at First Lather in a Glossybox, so we were super excited to also try out the Conditional Love conditioner and the Hair Perfume No. 12 . For several years now, we have been huge fans of the 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair treatment, so it was great to try other items from this brand.
12 Benefits is a family owned business. They aim to deliver high quality hair products with the fewest number of ingredients. Perfect for all hair textures and conditions. They are not currently selling at any stores in my area, but they have a great online store.
12 Benefits Love at First Lather - $7.99 Deluxe size. Sulfate, Silicone, and Paraben Free. This is a mousse shampoo with anti-aging benefits and moisturizes and protects. It dispenses as a mousse, which is sort of like getting shampoo that is already lathered. It takes some getting used to.
12 Benefits Conditional Love Hair Conditioner - $24. I really liked this conditioner. My hair feels really soft. Styles nicely with no frizz. This has antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. It rinses well and does not leave a residue. And it smells awesome.
Hair Perfume No. 12 - $19. K LOVED this! I have not gotten to try, but she is raving about it. It smells very fresh and light. I wasn't sure if this would work for me or not, with my fragrance sensitivities, but I'm very pleased it has not bothered me at all. I can see me using this after a visit to a casino, which can sometimes leave hair (and clothes) smelling unpleasant.  
12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair - $21. This is the product that introduced me to this brand. I cannot live without it. Seriously. It is so awesome for my hair. It's a great prep spray that strengthens, smooth's, and protects. The list goes on. This works well for me because I color, blow, and flat iron my hair. If you try anything from this brand, I highly recommend this!
There is one more item I need to try, Pink Addiction, which is the styling crème, $24.99. I have long hair so I think this will be good to seal and protect. I definitely plan to get this in the future!