Monday, September 14, 2015

Quarterly Monthly Discover September 2015 Review

The Quarterly Co Monthly Discovery Box is $35 month, plus $5 shipping. The items they send are a mix of Culture, Home, and Lifestyle. This is said to be “A monthly box of awesome discoveries and happy treats”. I wanted to try it out.
This is the first look. This box does not come with an info card, but the items are centered around a theme. I was not really thrilled to see all food items. I just wasn't.
Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo - $9.95. Made with Avocado Oil and cage-free farm eggsI would have normally thought this was nice to get, but this sat in my locked mailbox all day, and it was really hot when I opened the box. I just can't trust it.
AMRAP Bar - $36.99. This included a full box. This item is a favorite among cross-fitters. The bars are each based on nuts, fruits, and simple sweeteners and flavors like honey and cinnamon. Each bar also gets a protein boost from egg white protein to supplement the protein from the nuts. Has 15g of protein.
Amrap NOB Instant Beet Juice - $24.95. This is supposed to be good for endurance. I've never heard of beet juice being a thing, and all I can think is, why?
Pork Clouds Fried Pork Skins Rosemary & Sea Salt - $2. When we got to this point, K wanted the box. She will actually try this stuff. I do not like anything pork skin or pork rinds.
Bacons Heir Pork Dust Fried Pork Skins - $3.49. Not even sure what you do with this. Really, no clue. It's not like it's planko chips.
Paleonola Pumpkin Pie Granola - $8.95 I would have tried this, but by this point I had already given K the box. She definitely wanted this.
G0 Chomps Beef Jerky - $6.75. There were 3 different flavors included, Original, Crankin Cran, and Hoppin Jalapeno. Nope. Not trying any of these either.
The value is approximately $93. This is a good value. However, this box was a complete bust for me. I would have liked the Avocado Mayo, but just can't trust it with the heat this month. K did take the box with her, but with her vegetarian roommates, I don't think it'll be a hit in that house either. I just hope she listens to me and throws the mayo out. I'm disappointed it was all food items. I so was looking for a box of random items from other boxes.