Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Luxor Box September 2015 Review

Luxor Box is a fairly new subscription box that ships semi-monthly. The cost is $125 a month for the full size version, which included 6-9 full size luxury beauty, spa, and lifestyle products with a value of over $275, or $39.95 for the petite version which includes 3-4 full size products and has a least a $75 value. They ship USPS Priority 2-Day. The box that arrives was in a white non-descript box. and the inside box is a collapsible high quality box (perfect for gifting), and the wrapping and tissue paper have the Luxor logo. The info cards are also printed on nice thick paper. This box is like receiving a special curated limited edition box each month. We are loving it!
Everything is arranged nicely, and is either wrapped or comes in it's own package, which makes it fun.
This is a pic of the info cards. I will be showing you the info cards for each item this month, mostly because I remembered to grab pics. 
Meredith HahnTatum Cuff - $268. I LOVE this!!! This is my style and is perfect for me. This came in a cute jewelry bag. I have actually been looking for a nice quality bracelet in gold, and I would never spend this amount on one, so it's very nice to get this. This is a little tight to squeeze on, but fits me perfectly after I get it on. It's loose enough, but not so much that I would be concerned it would slip off. This is by far my favorite item this month.  
Dartington Crystal Little Gems - $30. This is a cute little vase. There were 4 variations sent out. I'm  not overly happy with the one I got, but primarily because it will not match my d├ęcor. I will be gifting this. I also included a pic of the box it came in, mostly because it was so darn cute, and it's perfect for shipping. I cannot find this anywhere in the US.  
Greenmarket Purveying Co. Balsam + Feather Candle in Lakeside - $25. I love getting candles in boxes. I don't believe I will be using this, I think the scent is just a tad too strong for my house. But I love the quality of this soy candle. I am already starting to sort out my Christmas gifting plans, so this is really perfect
Henne Organics Luxury Organic Lip Balm - $22. I like the smell of this stuff, it's like chocolate. This is designed to be used as a lip balm, but it's noted it can also be used anywhere that requires moisturization, so hands, elbows, heels, etc.. Made in the USA, and cruelty free.
Pura Passport to Bliss Freshly Minted Body Combo Set - There were variations sent out of this. I received the body combo set, which is the cleanser and lotion. I'm happy with what I received. This smells really minty. I really like it! It has aloe, shea butter, avocado, coconut, and olive oils. The products are organic, free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives or fragrance, and phthalates. 
eInvite Idea Catcher Fleur-de-Lis - $19.95. I love getting einvite products, great quality. These do not disappoint, they are thick paper. There is a little case with a band to keep it closed, and then a generous stack of extra cards to restock. These are thick high quality note cards. I do have a use for them, I plan to use them as thank you notes for the beauty swap I participate in.

I've calculated a value of approx. $390, which is well worth the cost of the box. I love that all the items are high quality, that is what drew me to this box to begin with and why we continue to keep this subscription. If you are interested in Luxor box, you can sign up here.