Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beauty DNA September 2015 Review

Beauty DNA is a monthly subscription service that will send you one full-size skincare or hair care item each month. The cost is $25/month and you usually receive more than triple the value. For the months that I have received a lower value item, they have sent me two items. They have a unique matching system, where you fill out your likes/dislikes profile and you never receive items that you don't like. I have had fairly good luck with being matched with items that I really like and that I can actually use.
Beauty DNA has the best info cards. These are booklet style and they give some details about the item and explain why the item was picked for you. This is generally pretty informational.
 3LAB Perfect Neck Cream - $140. Wowza! This is expensive neck & décolleté cream. I love that this came this month because I received a similar item over a year ago, and it's almost gone. One of the great things about this sub is that you are guaranteed to not receive the same item type more than once a year. Such as shampoo or eye cream, etc.. This particular item is said to help minimize the past signs of environmental damage. I wear V-necks year round, and I notice more signs of sun aging here than on my face, probably because my face makeup always has sunscreen. So, I'm all for anything that helps even this out. Plus, it has a citrus fragrance! I'm very pleased with this months Beauty DNA  package. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store for me next month.