Monday, July 13, 2015

Luxor Box July 2015 Review

I came home to find my Luxor box. I was expecting it to arrive last Saturday, but had forgotten about it by today. This is the 2nd box that has been sent out. I am really liking this sub. Luxor Box ships semi-monthly. We paid $95, but I believe that special has ended and the cost is $125 now and they promise a value of over $250 per delivery. There is a waiting list. They ship 5-7 wrapped luxury beauty, spa, and lifestyle products. They ship UPS Priority 2-Day. The box that arrived was in a white non-descript box. the inside box was very high quality, and the wrapping and tissue paper had the Luxor logo. Everything is individually packaged or wrapped, which makes it extra fun to go through.
The outside box wrapper, the tissue paper, and even the sticker holding it together is stamped with the logo.
I also want to point out the info cards. There is a different card for each item that is included. It is printed on thick paper and also wrapped with the logo paper.
Pura Botanica Essentials Pouch - $18. This is a really nice pouch. It's made from faux ostrich material. Pura Botanica products are cruelty free and made with organic ingredients. I originally thought of using this as a travel makeup bag, but now I'm thinking to toss it in a tote with items that would otherwise run around loose. I had to show you a pic of the zipper, it's this type of detail that really makes me love this. They also indluded a 25% off coupon code, and after looking at the site I can see easily using this.
Habit Cosmetics Natural Nail Polish - $36 ($18 each). If you are not familiar with this brand, it is vegan, cruelty free, gluten-free, 5-free, and made without animal testing. This is also made with Myrrh, which is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. There were six different colors sent out. I received 13 Kitten, which is a Rich Fuschsia crème, and 19 Prairie, which is like a sage green crème.
Robin Rhodes Jerry Necklace - $89. I Love this also. This is unique and abstract, but remains simple and elegant. Which makes it totally my style. This is on a 25" inch chain, and finished in 14k gold. The other version sent out was a silver chain with gold charms, but I'm happy with the one I received. The info card also included 5 different ways you can wear this, such as wrapping as a bracelet or dressing up a pony tail, and I would not have thought of either one. They also included a $5 coupon code, so I'll have to check out other items.
Mary Jurek Design Inc Kenya Indian Rosewood Round Box with Crocodile Lid - $50. I love this also. This matches my colors in my house. This is hand carved Rosewood. I might end up using it in the bathroom for cotton balls, but I totally could end up using it to stash jewelry items in. It's pretty fancy.
Co Pur products are handcrafted in small batches, with completely natural and high quality oils and botanicals, they never use synthetic fragrances or dyes. They are cruelty free and eco-friendly. This brand is new to me and I'm delighted to try it.
Co Pur All-In-One Makeup Remover + Moisturizer - $20. This is designed to remove tough make up. I'm convinced what I'm currently using is making me break out so this is good timing for me.
Co Pur Facial Scrub + Mask - $24. This is ideal for light exfoliation that does not dry out the skin.
Jules Smith Distressed Infinity Scarf - $45. I LOVE this. This is absolutely my favorite item. Definitely my style! The other version sent out was grey, but I'm super happy with the one I got. When I first picked this up I knew I would love it, and that was before I discovered it was infinity. It has a 64: circumference and 34" width. I've been on the lookout for a white lightweight scarf and I'll definitely be wearing this.
Just one last look at the total box. I loved every single product this month. I've calculated a total value of $282, which is over the $250 that is promised. This has quickly become one of my favorite boxes, each item feels special and luxury, and I look forward to seeing what's included next time!!