Thursday, July 16, 2015

Beauty DNA June 2015 Review

Beauty DNA is a monthly subscription box that sends a full size skin care item each month. I enjoy getting skin care items, so I really like this subscription. You fill out your profile and they send you items that you can actually use. I have never received anything that I am allergic to and I have been able to use almost all of the items. I generally find new favorites.
The box used to be blue and easily identifiable, but it's been updated to a white box now.
The info card this month is now pink. It was a nice surprise because it's been blue the entire time I've been a member.
Epicuren Himalayan Superfruit Enzyme Polish - $81. I was hoping for a face scrub this month. I was a little surprised to find out how much this costs, because my initial thought was this would be about $25. I have been using this regularly, and I really like it. An exotic enzyme puree of Pomegranate, Goji, Bilberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Acai, and Noni effectively dissolves lifeless skin cells while their seeds delicately buff them away. High in vitamin C, trace minerals, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and iron, these anthocyanin-rich superfruits are believed to possess life-giving and age-defying properties, and will leave your skin polished and fresh. You leave it on for about a minute, it does start to sting if you leave it on too long. Then you rub it in a circular motion before rinsing. this has been working great in the shower, where I can multi-task while waiting for it to set.
I love that Beauty DNA always sends me unique products from brands that I have never thought to try. Also, the items are always full size and cost way more than the $25/month charge.