Saturday, October 5, 2013

Review of Fancy Box Jennifer Love Hewitt September 2013

My September Jennifer Love Hewitt Box Fancy Box finally came! I feel like once you get the shipping confirmation emails it takes forever for boxes to arrive! When I was first discovering subscription boxes I was really drawn to her box because she picks fun items that match my personality. I liked P!nk's box too, but it's just too vulgar for my taste. The Jennifer Love Hewitt Box Fancy Box includes at least $80+ worth of products hand picked by J. Love herself. Each month cost $39 + $7.95 shipping. The one thing that drives me crazy is that they FancyBox charges for shipping! All of my other subscription boxes do not.

This is the box. I think that it is annoying that all the other celebrity boxes have their own custom shipping boxes except for J. Love and hers is just as popular as the others. Please Fancy work on this stat!

This months box was inspired by J. Loves favorite drink...the Cosmopolitan! I do think it's strange that she is 9 months pregnant, but maybe shes stocking up! Also not sure about how I'd feel if I didn't drink. 

These are the info cards that describe each item and why J. Love picked it!
Talk it Up Drink MastersValue $10
These drink markers are fun! I don't know when I'll ever use them because I never throw parties but if I did these would be fun conversation starters. 
Core Bamboo Mixology Bar BoardValue $15
I love this bar board. I love that its bamboo. Also has the cosmo recipe printed on the front.

Final Touch Glass Cocktail Shaker -Value $25
I was excited for this one!! We have this horrible martini shaker at home that is all metal and I can never get it apart once I use it! But this lid on this one easily comes on and off. Also I LOVE that it has different classic martini recipes printed on it and has a measuring scale.

Cosmopotian R-evolution Mixology Set – Value $29
I had never seen this before but its too cool! I'm a science nerd and this feeds into my inner nerd! I am very excited to use this!!! There are three different concoctions; cranberry foam, citrus caviar, and cosmopolitan bubbles.

The Verdict:

This box was Ah-mazing!!! Couldn't have picked a better theme for my first box. I paid $39 + $7.98 for shipping and received $79 worth of fun products that I wouldn't have discovered on my own. I love the mixology set and the cocktail shaker the most! I would have purchased them separately if I discovered them and did not receive them in a box. I could have lived without the conversation starters just because I'll most likely never use them. I am very excited for my next box!