Thursday, October 10, 2013

Popsugar Must Have Box October 2013 Review

Our boxes arrived today. We got identical boxes, with the exception of a slightly different color Julep nail polish.

Today we received our Popsugar's Must Have Box. Below is a review of the items. 

A: I saw this Crispery Halloween Crispycake and had to try it. Immediately.  After a couple bites, I suddenly remembered I was planning to take pictures before I ate my box. This is what happened with the 1st Monthly Escape box I received, I ate everything before I could take pictures and then didn't end up doing an update. But, I have to tell you, this crispy cake was Fantastic!! My favorite thing in this box.

K: I loved this treat. I starting eating it right away. One of the highlights of the box. 

A: I am happy with this cookbook. I like collecting cookbooks and different recipes, but I tend to only actually use them sporadically. I have zipped through it and was able to find a couple recipes that I would like to try, AND they seemed pretty easy to follow. That last part is important to someone like me, which is someone who does not generally enjoy cooking anything.

K: I love collecting cookbooks so I was very excited when I saw this! Easy, approachable recipes that I will be trying this week. 

The Wet Brush Hair Detangling Brush-$7.95 Value

A:This brush says you can brush your hair with it. Nuff said.

K: This is suppose to be a brush specifically for wet hair. It looks like a cheap brush from a dollar store. 

A: Bobby Pins. My initial reaction is, I don't get it. But these are kinda pretty and I'm willing to try them. I was not able to find these exact ones on the website, but I found some others that I wish they had sent instead.

K: Sparkle bobby pins... Not sure if ill wear them. Kinda feels like something I would have worn 20 years ago when I was a kid in the 90's.

NYX Brown Liquid Eyeliner- about $7 Value

A: This is NYX Liquid Brown Liner. I'm a little disappointed to see this brand in this box, but I am thrilled to see brown eyeliner, which is something I wear often. I will try this out.

K: I hate brown liner I'm a black liner girl. Also was not happy to see NYX in the box it's a cheap drugstore brand. I would have liked to see a prestige brand like Stila that they had in the past.

NYX- Smokey Shadow Pallete- about $7 Value 

A: I will most likely not be trying this. I will put it in the give away box. I already own Naked eye shadow and that seems to be the best for creating the smokey eye look.

K: I looked at the ingredients and it had two different parabens listed so I will not be using this.  While I'm irritated it's NYX  Many other people are reporting its pretty pigmented. 

A: This is the Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet. I think the bracelet is very pretty, and I especially love that it supports charity. Great timing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

K: I love this bracelet. It's neon bright pink and so cute! It's very small though, but it fits my small wrist perfectly! It is my second favorite item from the box. I Would not have ever paid $45 for it though! I am also glad proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

$20 off coupon for Stitchfix

A: We received a coupon for $20 off for Stitchfix. I have not tried Stitchfix yet, but I am signed up to receive a box next month, so I was happy to see this. I will be posting a review then of course. If you are not aware of Stitchfix, you can can click my link here. I believe I get credit for a referral.

K: I do not count a coupon towards box value because you have to spend money to use it. Seeing how I don't use Stitchfix I think i'll be giving this to mom.  


Julep Nail Polish ($14 value) and Freedom Top Coat ($18
A: And the final item was Julep nail polish. I have not tried this brand yet, but my daughter really likes it. The color I got was a dark blue named Millie, and a topcoat. I'm not too sure of the Millie color, so I might end up giving away instead.

K: I received the dark navy color, named Char, that I LOVE. I love Julep nail polish and I am in their Maven subscription program. I love that they are “4-free” and do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. 

The Verdict:

A: I liked the Crispery rice cake the best. There are a couple items that I will try, like the brown eye liner and the cookbook. But I am unlikely to use the other items. I am not convinced I will continue with this since I'm not convinced this was a good value. I do know there aren't any items I would have spent money on in a store, and there are NO items I will start buying in the future. I was hoping for items that were new, or different, or unusual, or useful. Other than the rice crispy treat, I don't feel this box accomplished that.

K: I am definitely disappointed with this box. I loved the cookbook, nail polish, and bracelet but I felt like everything else were items randomly picked out in the checkout line of a drugstore. I wouldn't have gone out of my way to purchase any of the items. With subscription boxes I look forward to receiving new luxury items but felt everything was lackluster. Popsugar has had really great boxes in the past but seems to be degrading in the last few months and they are raising the prices but not raising the box value. The only way for current subscribers to lock in the price is to get the 3, 6, or 12 month plans which is BS. I will see how next month goes. Hopefully it improves or I will be cancelling soon.