Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stitch Fix November 2013 Review

 If you would like to know more about this company, you can read about it here: Stich Fix

I received my Stitch Fix box last week. I know, I'm a little late on this review. Before I get into discussing the box, I want to explain a few things. How Stitch Fix works, you pay a $20 styling fee when you order your "fix", which goes towards the cost of your order. You set up your online profile, and you are even able to send a message to your stylist. You are sent five items, and you only pay for what you keep. You have 3 days to decide what to keep. If you keep them all, then you receive a 25% discount on your total price. If you keep nothing, then you are out your $20.

The first thing I noticed is the prices for the items are pretty high. For the most part, they are not something that I would generally pay in a store. There are no sale prices either. I'm ok paying a little more than normal if it's a high quality product, but otherwise, forget it. I don't want to feel ripped off.

I had left my stylist some notes online, and explained my style. I requested that they not send me any accessories, and nothing with animal prints. I was mostly happy with what they sent, with one exception. I had asked for pants, career pants. I got them, but they were the cheapest grossest material I have ever felt. And the cost was $138. No thank you. I didn't even try them on, I hated them that much.

I love the concept of this box. I love how your stylist can surprise you with items, that you may not have thought of for yourself, or may not be able to find in the local stores. I love that they come in the mail, delivered right to me, and they have a pre-paid envelope to send back what you do not want to keep. Very convenient.

I decided to keep two of the items. I had the $20 styling fee to go towards my order. I had also received  a $20 coupon from PopSugar last month.  When you decide which items you want to keep, and what to return, you go to the Stitch Fix website and add your choices.

Now, onto the actual products.

I loved this shirt, and ended up keeping it. I like that it was different than anything I own, not the style, but the contrast. I love that it matches my conservative style, but is not so plain it's boring. But mostly, I love the soft material, and that is the primary reason I ended up keeping it. If I didn't end up keeping it for myself, K definitely would have wanted it. I believe this was $38.

I don't have the price for this skirt any longer. I had to send the sheet back that included the prices, when I did the return package. I loved everything about this skirt. The material, the color, print, style, and you can dress it up or keep it casual. Unfortunately, it was just slightly too tight for me in the waist. I thought of keeping it because it would be great if I could just lose those pesky extra pounds. But, I also promised myself not to fill my closet up with clothes that aren't ready to wear. So, I ended up sending it back. Reluctantly.

This blouse was very nice. Fit me perfect. I loved the color and the cut. The material was great also. I only sent it back because it's too similar to other items that I already own. I don't have a price for this one either.

This wrap dress was fabulous. As soon as I felt the material I knew I was keeping it. I LOVE it! It was $55, which is a little high for a simple jersey dress, but it was so soft I had to have it! I travel a lot and will have many opportunities to wear this. I love the style as well.

These are the work pants I mentioned earlier. They are so gross and a waste of space on earth. I don't know what the material was, but it was not a nice cotton blend, or a cotton/spandex blend. It was just stiff and scratchy and gross.  Very cheap material. They were $138. I wouldn't have spent $13 on them.