Monday, December 14, 2015

Luxor Special Edition December 2015 Review

I had completely forgotten I had ordered the Luxor Box Special Edition. I was very happy to see it arrive. Luxor box is $125/month. They send out 5-7 premium luxury items, just like the name says. They also have a mini "petite" box that 2-4 of the full size products for $39/month. I paid $95 for this box.
The items arrive in a nice high quality box. The infor cards are printed one item per card. Wrapped in stamped paper.
Deepa Gurnani Claire Fantasy Flower Skinny Cuff - $90. I like the unique design of this. I have already swapped it, but I do like the originality. This is hand crafted in India.
Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder - $65. I have really been wanting to try this, heard many wonderful things. I have gotten this several times before but each time it ends up with K. I'm happy I finally get my own. ;) This is basically a powder and you mix with a little bit of water and it becomes a cleanser. It's a great exfoliator that does not includes harsh abrasives. It works great and really left my skin feeling soft.
Jesse & Co Hope & Love Catchall - $130. This Catch All is handcrafted in a Metallic Platinum leather lining inside and a contrasting Taupe pebbled leather on the outside. It is embossed with inspiring words Hope & Love. It is perfect a place to just toss stuff. I really do like Italian leather, but this is not something I can fully appreciate. It will make a great gift for a guy though.
1951 Maison Francaise Clutch - size L - $130. I have never gotten one of these, and I've seen many subs had them, so I'm happy to join the club. I now want black/Noir, instead of the Leosilver one I picked, because I'm more likely to use it.  I'm going to attempt to trade over on MSA. I know people are really picky when trading these, so hopefully someone is looking for silver. And by the way, hand made in France and it really is the nice quality it's rumored to be.

eInvite Hello Correspondence Card - $29.95. These are nice quality cards, 8 cards 8 envelopes were included. Stationary is not my favorite item to get, but these are pretty nice. Very elegant.
Graphic Image 2016 Notebook - $70. I found he silver metallic leather version, but I could not find the gold version. This is a really nice planner and I totally love it. However, I already have a planner I use, so this would be completely wasted on me. I have traded so that it can go end up with someone who will use it. I needed to get it out before the start of the New Year and I hope whoever ends up with this loves it as much as I do.
The overall value of this box is around $415, which is a great value. I really loved the curation, I just wished I'd liked some of the items better. Nonetheless, getting the Tatcha has made this box for me. And the rest? I will trade for stuff I've had my eye on.