Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Luxor Box Review May 2015

Luxor Box is a new subscription box that ships semi-monthly. We paid $95, but I believe that special has ended and the cost is $125 now and they promise a value of over $250 per delivery.This is the very first box. They ship 5-7 wrapped luxury beauty, spa, and lifestyle products. I wasn't sure what to expect since this was the very first box. They shipped UPS Priority 2-Day. The box that arrived was in a white non-descript box. the inside box was very high quality, and the wrapping and tissue paper had the Luxor logo. Very nice! 
The info cards described the items and were also high quality.
This is a pic of the first look. The box was much heavier than expected. Each item was also packaged ready to gift.
MSC Vanilla Exfoliating Sugar Scrub - $33. I love this stuff and very happy with the flavor! Very happy to see this. I just used the last of my sugar scrub so this was good timing. This is infused with in-house imported Madagascar vanilla beans and include shea butter. The jar is recyclable.  
MSC Lavendar and Bergamot Body Nectar - $30. This luxurious body oil is designed for daily moisturization on the face, hair, body and nails. Has lavender, so I'm not able to try it. But I do like the way it's packaged.
MSC Lavender and Spearmint Lip Cream - $7. Nourishing lip cream. 100% natural. If this didn't have lavender I would try this too.
Mariposa Triple Pearls Tea Light - $25. This is a silver plated tea light, in a very nice box. It looks like there were a couple variations available. Mariposa items are all handmade and no two pieces are ever exactly alike. I like that notion.
Chambre De Sucre Sugar Balls - $26 - This is two tubes of sugar balls that can be added to your coffee or tea. The colored ones all taste the same and are made of pure cane sugar. The white ones are made of dark brown sugar. These have been handcrafted in Japan for over 270 years.
Lisa Steward Bar None Stud Earrings - $85. These are 14K gold plated studs with genuine CA stones. I really like these earrings and they are prettier in person. I need more gold pieces and I need earrings especially. I like that these are not too large, so they will work well with an everyday outfit. They came packaged in a nice pink bag, so again, ready for gifting.  
Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow - $49.95. This is a glow lotion and should make your skin look amazing. This was the spoiler item, so I knew to expect this. This is body makeup and helps blur the appearance of spots, veins, & stretch marks. This is paraben free and fragrance free. RCK is quick drying and long wearing. I'll probably try it out on my next resort trip. My can unfortunately had a dent in in, but the box did not. So, not sure what happened here.

Overall impression is that I liked this box. I won't be able to use all of the products, but I still like to see these types of items included. This did feel like a luxury box with the types of products and the quality of them. Everything was full size also. The overall value is $255.95, so the box met expectations. I'm excited to see what they come up with next time!