Monday, February 10, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Box February 2014 Review


PopSugar February 2014 Review

A- Just received the February PopSugar Box today, was excited to see it when I got home. Always packaged so pretty!

Sugarwish Candy (Cinnamon Hearts) ($6.25)

A- This time I remembered to get the pic of the treat, which is Sugarwish Mini Red Cinnamon Hearts. The treat is usually my favorite part of the box, whether I eat it or not. I didn't really care for this type of candy, I was hoping for chocolate.....K wasn't overly enthused either. But, I LOVED how it was packaged. The box and the ribbon made it super special.

K- These were okay. I kind of wished there was chocolate for the Valentines Day month, but at least the hearts didn't melt.

Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash (~$3)
A- This is Dial Soap wash, Vitamin Boost, Lotion infused, moisturizing body wash. I've already tried it. I didn't expect to fall in love with it immediately, but I did. It's lotion and Vitamin B infused.  It's amazing. It's super green, which is kind of cool, like Kiwi Green. It really does feel lotion infused, and really does feel super moisturizing. I like it so much I actually want to do a separate post just on this item. Oh, and it smells fruity amazing, love the Kiwi scent. I really didn't expect to be enthused about a Dial soap, but this is different, and I like that.

K- This was the most talked about item of the box. Everyone was mad that it was Dial soap. First, it was a bonus item and didn't take away from the value of the box. Second, this is full sized item. And Third, this item is a brand nee item. After trying this product I loved it! The ingredients didn't have any parabens listed! The neon green color is way cool! And I can tell its lotion infused it leaves my skin so soft when I get out of the shower.

Model Co. Lip Pops Duo Lip Gloss and LipStick ($16)

A-  Modelco Lop Pops Duo Lip Gloss and LipStick. This is a combo lipstick/gloss, one side is the gloss and one side is the lipstick. Sorry about the poor picture, it's really light colored, a pretty pink, and I wasn't able to get a better pic with my camera skills. The product is cool, I love the two in one.

K- I love this combo gloss and lipstick! The lipstick color is great on me. The gloss smells like watermelon and is a great sheer pink color.

Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum ($23.99)

A- This is Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum. I am looking forward to trying this, I really love my face serums.

K- I really liked this serum! It smells amazing and it is a great serum. I still love my Tarte maracuja oil serum more but this is a great second one! I LOVE that it is organic.

k. hall Designs Peony Candle Tin ($11)
A- K Hall Designs Peony Travel Candle. This is way way too floral for me. It's going into the gift basket.
K- It is a cute travel candle but I really wish it wasn't floral scented.

NCLA Nail Polish (Rodeo Drive Royalty) ($16)

A- This is NCLA Rodeo Drive Royalty nail polish. LOVE the color. Once again, here is my fancy camera skills at work. My apologies.

K- I received this nail polish in a past Jennifer Love Hewitt FancyBox so I wasn't thrilled to see it but it is a great color! Will probably gift it.

Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll ($45)

A- Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll. I had heard that we were getting a travel bag for jewelry. This is super cute. I am showing mine open and K's closed. K's worked out great. Mine has a broken zipper. Which is disappointing because I travel a lot and really could use this. In fact, it's one of those items that I never knew I needed, until now that I am looking at one and don't understand how I've been living without one. I am going to email the company to see if they are willing to replace it. If that doesn't work out, then I will probably look for another one somewhere.

**update** They sent me a new working one!

K- I love this jewelry roll I am so happy that we got something different in the box! I am excited to use this on my upcoming trips! I love the bright color too!

K- This month's box came to a total value of $121.24! Popsugar is still one of my favorite subscription boxes! They have the best value as well as the funnest new items! Can't wait until next month!

A- PopSugar is always a super fun box each month. Very reliable. Always something new, cool, fun, different, or yummy!

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